Continuous improvement is much more than a term

It is an academic discipline with over fifty years of development by
W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and Donald Wheeler.

An essential tenet of continuous improvement is that all organizations are better off making a lot of little, proven improvements rather than adopting new programs, moving the pendulum yet again. Lee Jenkins has studied, taught, and implemented continuous improvement in education since 1990.

People appreciate genuine compliments, but an actual record of continuous improvement—each week, quarter, and year—is what fuels enthusiasm, engagement, and energy. In education, continuous improvement is for individual students, whole classrooms, each grade level, secondary departments, whole schools, complete school districts, universities, the whole state, and even nations. The goal is, simply, improvement.

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Lee Jenkins uses keynotes, seminars, books, newsletters, and articles to help educators learn the details of continuous improvement. For details on how Lee Jenkins can help improve education in your school or district write to:

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Ideal Audience

Dr. Jenkins’ ideal audience are educators from pre-school through the university, all grades, all subjects, all responsibilities.

Why? It is because the problems and solutions are not unique to any sub-set; they are common to all.

Dr. Lee Jenkins has served as the keynote speaker for education groups composed mainly of teachers, administrators and school board members. He can tailor his presentations to the unique responsibilities of your group when called upon to do so.

Dr. Lee Jenkins is internationally recognized as expert in the field of improving educational systems. He has spoken to audiences in most US states, plus internationally in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, India, The Netherlands, and Canada.