Seminar Downloads

Below are links to documentation used by Dr. Jenkins’ in keynotes, one-day overview seminars and two-day complete seminars.

Common Core and Continuous Improvement

Power Point Presentations


Advanced Art Quiz

Advanced ArtQuiz -2

Pottery Terms

Ceramics Tool Test


Personal Fincance

Career Tech-Business

Business LtoJ

Business Stock Market


8th Grade English

Reading and Writing Terms to know

Grammar, High School

LtoJ Literary Terms, High School

4th Grade Reading and Writing Terms

4th Grade Prefixes

4th Grade Suffixes

4th Grade Root Words

LtoJ Quiz English

English 12 LtoJ


General (any subject)

64 ABC Questions

65 to 128 ABC Questions

Hockey Theme 49 questions

Hockey Theme 64 questions

Hockey Theme 66 questions

Hockey Theme 133 questions

Blank for 180 questions

Grade 5 Vocabulary — multiple subjects

Blank for 225 questions NEW


Algebra Quizzes by Patrick Harder

Council Bluffs Iowa Math by Katie Ryan

Grade 3 A

Grade 3 B

Grade 4 A

Grade 4 B

Grade 5 A

Grade 5 B

Grade 6 Math by Lisa Beckius

Grade 7 Math by JaLena Stack

Algebra I quiz

Geometry quiz

Geometry for Promethean Board by Georgie Flesch, ActiviInspire file Geometry _Lto_J



Music Vocabulary


9th Grade Science Quiz

Periodic Table Terms to Remember

Periodic Table with 3 Questions


Chemistry with Physics Structure for Quiz

Social Studies

American History

50 States Presentation

USA and Canada Map (questions can be for any subject)

Government LtoJ

World Geography

USA Constitution

50 States Presentation

L to Jedi Eastern Hemisphere Vocabulary  NEW


Physical Education LtoJ


Music Vocabulary