The video below is the complete Lee Jenkins keynote delivered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 16, 2014 for the National Quality in Education Conference.

The three clips above, as well as the webintro are all excerpts from the complete presentation. Enjoy.



Sample Breakouts

  1. Classroom Continuous Improvement: Details. The basics of classroom continuous improvement are described in the keynote presentation. However, there are many details that are explained in this breakout in addition to time for questions and answers. As in the keynote, all classroom examples are explained with real examples from elementary, middle and high school classrooms.
  2. Continuous Improvement for Administrators: Finance, Human Resources, Operations, and Instruction. This seminar explains the concepts taught in Lee Jenkins’ newest book, Optimize Your School: It’s a Matter of Strategy. When continuous improvement is documented and practiced daily in classrooms AND administration, the system becomes optimized. The opposite of optimization is sub-optimization which means that some aspects of the organization are winning at the expense of the rest of the organization.
  3. Ten Root Causes of Educational Frustration. This breakout details the ten, often hidden, root causes of daily frustrations in classrooms. The breakout follows the chapters in Lee Jenkins’ best-selling book, Permission to Forget: And Nine Other Root Causes of America’s Frustration with Education.
  4. How to Align and Stabilize Curriculum. When educators think of alignment they most often think of alignment with standards. Actually the most important alignment is with each other, grade level after grade level. When the system is aligned, the next step is to stabilize the curriculum so that students graduate with the content in their long-term memory.
  5. What Does it Take to Create Student Experts? In this session the instructional strategies that create student experts will be detailed. Various experts’ work will be referenced, including that of John Hattie.