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Lee Jenkins is a career educator with a passion for improving student learning in schools.  His career was in the California public schools where he served as a teacher, math/science coordinator, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent.  In the middle of his career he taught and administered at Oregon State University.

His earliest publications were with mathematics manipulatives starting in 1971 with It’s a Tangram World.  This publication, plus other math books, propelled his speaking career taking him to many USA cities plus some locales in Canada, Europe and Latin America.

His work with leadership and curriculum solidified in the 1990’s when he integrated the systems thinking of W. Edwards Deming. He brought back these principles to his school systems and then in 2001 began consulting and writing full-time.  He started his own consulting firm, From LtoJ Consulting Group, Inc. (The term LtoJ is from the shape of the graph beginning with an L-curve at the beginning of the year, proceeding through the bell-curve mid-year and ending the year with a J-curve).

His most recent publications are:

  • Improving Student Learning: Applying Deming’s Quality Principles in Classrooms
  • Permission to Forget: And Nine Other Root Causes of America’s Frustration with Education
  • From Systems Thinking to Systemic Action
  • Boot Camp for K-12 Leaders: Continuous Improvement

In addition he has edited five books by classroom teachers explaining their implementation of Jenkins’ principles in their classrooms.
The titles are:

  • Continuous Improvement in the Science Classroom by Jeff Burgard
  • Continuous Improvement in the Mathematics Classroom by Melody Russell
  • Continuous Improvement in the English Classroom by Janelle Coady
  • Continuous Improvement in the Social Studies Classroom by Dan McCaulley
  • Continuous Improvement in the Language Arts Classroom by Vickie Hedrick

Writers may want to personalize their comments by asking a kid on a sports team these two questions:

  1.  How’s sports going?
  2.  How’s school going?

Almost always the first question provides two answers – how the kid is doing and how the team is doing.  The second question only gives one answer – how the kid is doing, because classrooms are not traditionally considered a team of learners.

One of the most powerful aspect of Jenkins’ teaching and writing is creating the team of learners in classrooms everywhere.

Please visit his website:  The LtoJ Logos come automatically after people sign up for the updates noted on the website.

Lee Jenkins lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Sandy. They have two sons, seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.