Dr. Jenkins conducts 1, 2, and 3 day seminars

The seminars are covering continuous education improvement, curriculum alignment, the J curve, root causes of educational failure and many more topics for teachers and administrators.


The one day seminar is an abbreviated two-day seminar teaching the basics of the From LtoJ® process with limited time for practice and application. This format is designed for administrators and teacher-leaders determining if they want to From LtoJ® to become a significant focus in their district.


The two-day seminar is the most common From LtoJ® experience. The outline is:

  • High Standards: High Success Rates – We can have both at the same time.
  • The Root Causes of Educational Frustration – the built-in barriers to having both high standards and high success rates. (1/2 day)
  • The Solutions with Practice and Application – the details of the From LtoJ® process with classroom, grade-level/department, school and district applications. (1 ½ days).

One and a half day

This structure has been used once, with great success and cost savings, in Norman, Oklahoma. The half-day is the first part of the LtoJ seminar. The audience size does matter for this aspect of the inservice. The LtoJ seminar can basically be divided into two sections:  why and how. The half-day teaches the “why.”

This half-day seminar is then followed up by one-day “how” seminars with smaller groups because the hands-on activity demands fewer people. Both the budget and the teachers prefer substitutes for one day instead of two days.

The two-day seminar is ideal for smaller school districts and for Educational Service Units. The 1 ½ day structure works best for larger districts such as Norman, Oklahoma. The afternoon was utilized in Norman for principals to meet with their staffs and for Dr. Jenkins to work with the superintendent’s cabinet on additional strategies for continuous improvement.


The optional third day is a workday for both teachers and administrators. Often teachers use the time to work in groups preparing key concepts lists, dichotomous rubrics and blank charts so they can begin work immediately upon returning to their classrooms. Administrators either participate in the decisions or they use the time to create the 5 graphs for results data that are shared in the seminar.

NEW – CSI: Continuous Strategic Improvement

The newest offering from Lee Jenkins combines the principles of continuous improvement with strategic planning.  This is a one-day seminar for district superintendents and other administrators. Find out more…

NEW –  D:EA (Data: Enumerative and Analytical)

D:EA is a one-day working session with key accountability/data educators who have the responsibility for communicating results for school and school district assessments. Find out more…

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