CSI: Continuous Strategic Improvement

The newest offering from Lee Jenkins combines the principles of continuous improvement with strategic planning.

This is a one-day seminar for district superintendents and other administrators.

Key elements are:

  1. CSI is a top-down/bottom-up approach to improvement.  Everybody in the organization must be able to see their contribution to the success of the organization.
  2. CSI focuses upon what is to be improved first.  Data is pinpointed for baseline data.
  3. CSI next has staff establish hypotheses they believe will bring about improvement.
  4. Goals are for improvement, not arbitrary quotas.
  5. CSI results are reduced to three sheets of paper – instruction, personnel and finance
  6. The ABC’s of CSI principles are taught.  For example, people need to know (1) best practices and (2) know that best practices are not perfect practices.  There is always a better way, thus best practices are to become even better practices.

Ideally, this seminar is for 12-15 key leaders seated in a rectangle with ample opportunity for  discussion and planning.

If one of those present has ready access to prior year’s data, the process is expedited.