Keynote Speaker

“System Disconnects”

This Dr. Lee Jenkins’ presentation outlines the system disconnects today’s educators inherited. For example, schools are evaluated on students’ long-term memory, but students are evaluated on their short-term memory.


“Leadership for Learning; Management of Learning”

A clear distinction is made between these two responsibilities and examples of what it means to lead learning efforts and what it means to manage learning efforts.

Both responsibilities are necessary for success. Leadership is determining common needs and meeting them; management is determining unique individual needs and meeting them.

Fortunately, the foundation for both leadership and management is the same: clear, well-articulated grade-by-grade, subject-by-subject expectations.

“Leadership first; Disaggregation/Differentiation Second”

Disaggregation and differentiation are crucial to our success, but they come after a distinct process is in place to meet the needs all students have in common.

Here, Dr. Lee Jenkins outlines the leadership process which not only monitors overall learning, but informs educators, in real time, if their disaggregation and differentiation efforts are working.


“Student Enthusiasm is an Asset to be Protected”

The admonition given to educators to motivate students is flat-out wrong. Educators are not to motivate students.

Why? It is because students come to school in kindergarten already motivated. It is the responsibility of educators to determine what is destroying innate motivation and stop such practices.

Dr. Lee Jenkins documents the loss of enthusiasm, which begins very early in school and what can be done to restore lost enthusiasm.