A Week Consulting on an Island I Had Never Heard Of

When I arrived on Kwajalein Island I was issued a key to a dorm room, a meal ticket, a badge and a bicycle. For one week, travel was by bike only. This is me with my bike and backpack for my computer.

When you look up Kwajalein on the internet you will see information on both Kwajalein Atoll and Kwajalein Island. The atoll is the rim of an ancient volcano. The islands are all coral built up over the centuries. Kwajalein at 1.2 square miles is the largest island in the atoll which has a total of 6 square miles with all of the islands combined. The United States leases Kwajalein Island and some other islands from the country of Marshall Islands. Here is a view from the air of Kwajalein Island. To the left of the airfield are contractor sites, the center is composed of offices, a few retail stores and the dorms. To the right is housing and the two schools. In the center is the lagoon.

The elementary and middle/high schools have a total of 240 students. They are children of military contractors, military and teachers plus a few Marshallese from a neighboring island, arriving on a ferry every day. The 40 staff members were the audience for the 3-day seminar. This was my first time to add ThePerfect.School materials to the LtoJ® process.

The school looks like any other school with the exception of the trophy case. Coconuts are easy to find; they are everywhere.

On the island are two main streets: lagoon street and ocean street. The distance from the ocean to the lagoon is about 4 blocks. Beauty is everywhere. The gray cement is a Japanese bunker from World War II in the middle of the golf course. Enjoy.

By Lee Jenkins, Lee@LBellJ.com, August, 2018 consulting adventure.