About the System

About the LtoJ® System

Created in 2003, the LtoJ® system is built on the fundamental principles of Continuous Improvement.

LtoJ comes from the shape of the histogram. The most famous histogram in the world is the bell-curve, which is perfect for the middle of a school year. With the LtoJ process the year begins with an “L” shaped histogram, moves toward a mid-year bell and ends the year with a “J” curve. The success of LtoJ is based upon replacing failed processes with more successful ones.

Data for harm/embarrassment Data for joy
Extrinsic motivation Maintain intrinsic motivation
Far too much review time Minimal review time
Deep learning is quite challenging Students remember necessary foundation knowledge
New programs add time Saved time estimated at 25-33%
Highly engaged software engineers High engaged students
Better students bullied Best students praised because help team
Poorer students bullied Poor students praised for helping team
No common word for joy All-Time Best (ATB) most common school word