Are You Ready for this Dramatic LtoJ® Mindshift
Regarding Student Learning?

Please read these educational desires and answer the four questions.

  1. Do you wish we could keep students as enthused about school as they were when they started out in kindergarten?
  2. Do you wish your students were putting in more effort and were more enthused with school learning?
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice is students were pressuring the teacher to teach more instead of the teacher pressuring the students to teach more?
  4. Are you tired of somebody else’s “fidelity” requirements that result in teachers thinking they should just leave their brains at home and follow the pre-written steps?

If you can answer “YES” to the four questions above, you are half way to being ready. Now…

  1. Are system leaders willing to let school sites have ownership of the learning process?
  2. Are staff ready to take a deep dive into the reasons why year after year more and more students dislike school learning?
  3. Have you shown the video, “Better outcomes; Happier kids” to the whole faculty and parent leaders? You can also click on the YouTube icon, located at, and watch numerous videos from grades 1,5,7,9 and 12 classrooms along with teacher interviews.
  4. Do you have a budget for an initial 2-day staff development plus 9 follow-up days over a three year period? Three of the follow-up days are on staff development days and 6 are when school is in session.

If “YES” to these additional four questions, the next step is to email Dr. Lee Jenkins,, to arrange a phone call.