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My purpose is to send you content that will be useful for you and your colleagues. On this page, you can access over 30 free PDF downloads. I am certain you will find one or more of great interest. The documents are in four categories:

  • LtoJ Support
  • Quotations
  • Leadership, and
  • Instruction

The largest file is under the "Instruction" category and includes photographs of student work that will introduce you to strategies you might not have thought of before. One example is using math manipulatives for reading/writing.

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Lee Jenkins

LtoJ® Support

Example Histograms

5.02 MB 29 downloads

Example Item Analyses

16.89 MB 25 downloads


John Maxwell Quotations

985.01 KB 17 downloads

Daniel Pink Quotations

456.27 KB 14 downloads

John Wooden Quotations

10.85 MB 115 downloads

E.D. Hirsch Quotations

707.59 KB 35 downloads


The Jenkins Curve

5.07 MB 32 downloads


    Reading and Writing

    9.83 MB 33 downloads