Jack Canfield's Interview with Lee Jenkins

Jack Canfield, American author and corporate trainer, interviews Lee Jenkins about his upcoming book, "How to Create a Perfect School" and how to keep students intrinsically motivated to learn.

Dr. Lee Jenkins is a former teacher and California superintendent who is now a full-time education consultant, speaker, and author. The latest results with his LtoJ® process, from 311 K-12 classrooms, is learning at 5.9 times the average classroom. Think about what happens when kids pressure the teacher to teach more instead of the teacher pressuring the kids to learn more.

Learn more about LtoJ: https://ltojconsulting.com. Watch the 3.5 minute video entitled “Better Outcomes; Happier Kids.”
Find out more about Dr. Lee Jenkins: https://ltojconsulting.com/about/about.... Read the preface, introduction and first two chapters of his upcoming book at www.ThePerfect.School.