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Keynote and international consultant for conferences, USA state departments of education, intermediate service units, school districts and individual schools

Imagine classroom after classroom where students are pressuring the teacher to teach more instead of the teacher pressuring the students to learn more. This current reality can become your reality.

From keynote speaker to workshop leader to follow-up facilitator Lee Jenkins is one of the most versatile speakers you can have at your next event. He will make you cry, laugh and think very deeply. Most of all he will provide help drenched with hope. He will not insult your audiences with hype.

For a summary of Lee’s keynote designed after his newest book, How to Create a Perfect School, click here.

I. Listening Tools for Moving Closer to Perfect Every Day

A. Define perfect: It is a school where the kindergarten level of intrinsic motivation is maintained for 12 more years
B. Intrinsic motivation is effort + joy. Measuring these two
C. Feedback form from students for increasing intrinsic motivation

II. Unlearning Habits Inherited from Prior Generations

A. Cram and forget
B. Using data for public embarrassment
C. The 10,000 incentives students receive K-12 are not working

III. Replacement for Habits that Decelerate Intrinsic Motivation

A. Year-long learning listed in student friendly language first week of school
B. Every student honored each time out-perform prior best
C. Team totals for classrooms, departments and schools are celebrated

VI. Polishing Perfect

A. Choice
B. Engaged students own room environment
C. Patterns everywhere, all the time

Click here to view Lee Jenkins being interviewed by Chicken Soup creator, Jack Canfield

Click here to read Jack Canfield’s foreword to How to Create a Perfect School

Click here to review optional conference workshop topics

A. In-depth look at classroom implementation of keynote principles – elementary focus
B. In-depth look at classroom implementation of keynote principles – secondary focus
C. Using continuous improvement processes to improve non-instructional issues
D. Optimizing school finance
E. Effect size research from John Hattie’s Visible Learning and how students from grade 1 and up can use the provided Effect Size Calculator each quarter to know the class’ effect size
F. Perfect strategic planning for schools and school districts
G. Special education strategies, measurement and special IEP graph
H. Administrator leadership with Perfect School practices

"I have had the honor of working with Dr. Lee Jenkins for over a decade. His speaking about maintaining students intrinsic motivation having them collect and analyze their own data is simple, but ever so powerful. You must have him as your next speaker."

- Catherine White, Executive Director of Staff Development
Fulton County School District, Georgia

"When students own their own learning, it transforms how they participate in the education process. Lee Jenkins’ How to Create a Perfect School makes sure students actively participate in learning, that they know at all times where they are in the learning process and what they need to know to achieve their goals. It is a powerful, powerful learning system for all grade levels, all students."

- Montreal Bell, Administrator
Fulton County Schools, Georgia

"The focus of Lee Jenkins’ process is entirely on long-term memory – no more cram/forget or know it today, relearn it tomorrow, or start over next year."

- Barb Friesth, Staff Developer, Retired
Educational Service Unit 7, Nebraska

"The Jenkins Curve has impacted my career for the past 20 years. His teaching not only addresses the problem; he provides SOLUTIONS."

- Bill Watkins, Superintendent
Marcola School District, Oregon

"First of all I want to state that what Lee Jenkins teachers just plain makes sense. We educators are bombarded with so many suggestions and requirements that having a process that makes sense to students, parents and teachers is powerful."

- Chris Crelia, Principal
Wilson Elementary School, Oklahoma

"Lee Jenkins’ process has made the single most difference in my teaching in over 40 years in the classroom. The first time I heard Lee for an hour I was so excited I spent all night working to implement what I learned!"

- Theresa Corcoran, Grade 5 Teacher
Graber Elementary School, Kansas

"One of the most helpful aspects of Lee’s work is it helps secondary teachers drop external rewards and restore the intrinsic motivation they started kindergarten with."

- Tracy Heilman Kennedy
Director of School Improvement, Nebraska

"The results from Lee Jenkins’ speaking have been amazing: zero pushback from any staff members, everyone sees the value of his teaching, we do far more analysis with our data than ever before, far less instructional time is wasted simply because students are remembering."

- Will Black
Assistant Superintendent, Kentucky


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