Keynotes & Seminars

The video below is the complete Lee Jenkins keynote delivered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 16, 2014 for the National Quality in Education Conference.

The clips below were all created from a keynote presentation for AdvancED – Illinois.

How to Honor ALL Students

In between an awards assembly for 15% while the 85% watch, and giving participation trophies, is the simple All-Time-Best Thank You. Because all students improve, doing better than they ever have done before, all students are honored. Unlike participation trophies, however, this is not a gift. Students earn their ATB honor. They are proud of their accomplishment and understand an ATB is not a cheap trinket; it is an earned accomplishment.

Stabilize with Random

How to replace cram/forget with remember for the long-term.

How to do the Random Part I

Teachers create random quizzes in very creative ways that students love.

How to do the Random Part II

Once you see these creative random ideas, you will generate your random ideas that are even better.

Student Friendly Expectations

Students need to know the first week of the school year what they will learn for the year.

Student Graphing

We have far too many software programmers and teachers who are engaged with data; it needs to be students who are engaged.

How Can Parents Help

How does a parent help their children when they know the expectations for the whole school year?

In the Classroom

How do all these pieces fit together in a real classroom?

What Works Best vs What Works

Other than retaining students and frequent moving, almost all influences upon learning work. The issue is what works best!

Item Analysis

Few activities help students desire to learn more than having them complete the item analyses of errors from past quiz?

Assessment Capable Students and Teacher Efficacy

Few initiatives create more teacher efficacy than having a classroom full of students who are very capable with analysis of assessment data.

Continuous Improvement

We want students to witness improvement for themselves, the whole classroom, and even the whole school

All Time Best

ATB is the term students use to share their joy of doing better than ever before OR of being in a classroom or school that is celebrating yet another ATB.