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Starting with How to Create a Perfect School Lee Jenkins is pursuing independent publishing of various titles. First of all, there is the general education books describing how to make a Growth Mindset visible. How to Create a Perfect School fits here. The second set of published books are early readers in one of three series: Bible Stories, Aesop Stories and stories using animated Pattern Blocks as the characters. The books are listed in order of publication. Most months a new early reader will be posted.

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How to Create A Perfect School

Maintain Students' Motivation and Love of Learning from Kindergarten through 12th Grade
by Lee Jenkins

The premise of the book is that students begin kindergarten with all the motivation to learn they need for life. Gradually, however, this intrinsic motivation is lost for the vast majority of students. How to Create a Perfect School describes in detail how to stop this loss of enthusiasm for learning. Detailed examples come from all grade levels and subjects. Perfect is a school where the intrinsic motivation students bring to kindergarten is maintained for 12 more years.

A Day With Jesus

The Story of Zacchaeus
Written by Lee Jenkins
Illustrated by Jim Chansler

Unique in the world of books for children in this series of early readers that children ages 4-7 can read. The series title is Bible Story Patterns for Young Readers.

The aim is to make learning to read so simple that children forget learning to read, but the stories so powerful that they are remembered for life.

A Week with Joshua

The Battle of Jericho
Written by Lee Jenkins
Illustrated by Jim Chansler

In addition to children reading for themselves the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho, children learn the days of the week, search each picture of Jericho for a slight change, learn about the scarlet rope hanging from a window in Jericho and laugh over and over at Jim Chansler’s cartoon priests blowing their trumpets. They also learn details about the Ark of the Covenant and its contents.

An Evening with Daniel

The Lions' Den Theatre

Written by Lee Jenkins
Illustrated by Todd Jenkins

An Evening with Daniel is a delightful re-telling of Daniel and the lions' den story as a theatrical children's performance. Because of the actors dialog, children easily read the complete book after adults read it out loud to them several times.

Who's Afraid of a Lion?

Aesop's Bully Fable

Written by Lee Jenkins
Illustrated by Jim Chansler

The first book in the AESOP PATTERNS FOR YOUNG READERS is Who’s Afraid of a Lion? Aesop’s Bully Fable. This delightfully illustrated book shows the gnat happily bullying the lion for 31 pages until justice arrives on page 32. The combination of humor, letter blends, Dr. Seuss influence and Bill Martin Jr. swirling language make for a book for beginning readers that they will never forget. No matter what approach is being used to help children learn how to read, they all need what Bill Martin Jr. called wholebooksuccess. In order to keep confidence high children need to have a pile of books they can read by themselves cover to cover.