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The most difficult aspect of the LtoJ® implementation is providing students the key concepts they will learn for the year. This is usually given to students the first week of the school year. Throughout the year, teachers refer to the list as they teach one of the items on the list and students track which ones they have answered correctly on an LtoJ® quiz.

You need not utilize any one posted list exactly as it was written by a fellow teacher. It will save you a lot of time to revise somebody else’s list versus starting from scratch.

The word “key” is very important in this process. It means that trivia is left off of the list; only essential is put on the list. Obviously, it is a value judgement regarding what is trivia and what is essential. The key concept list provided for students lets them know what their teacher considers essential for the year or course. Trivia will be taught during the course of the year, but students will not be accountable to remember it.

Rarely do I encounter teachers who do not want to adjust their key concept list. They add forgotten essentials and remove trivia at the end of the year for the next year.

If you put together a key concept list that you believe would be helpful to other teachers, please send to Place your name and email address on the list to facilitate communication.


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