This two-day seminar expands the LtoJ® seminars in a way that impacts every aspect of the K-12 education system. The seminar is based on the book entitled How to Create a Perfect School (foreword by Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series).

Day 1 AM:

What is perfect? How to measure perfect? And can we ever be perfect?

Perfect is when students leave a school with the intrinsic motivation with which they began kindergarten. All of us know that when we are intrinsically motivated, we put in 100% effort and receive great joy. Students are the same – effort and joy. Think about it: if students in high school still possessed the effort and joy they had in kindergarten there is no limit to what could be accomplished in our schools. We will never be perfect, however, we can move closer to perfect every day, month, quarter, and year.

Where are we now? The current research is that 40% of students love high school, but only a few of them love school for learning. We can and will change this.

Why use the term perfect? When organizations agree on what perfect is, they have a basis for judging each and every practice, habit, and initiative. Without this definition, too often all organizations are swayed by fancy marketing or popular trends. The vision statement becomes a living document used daily.

Day 1 PM:

What are the habits today’s educators inherited that are destroying intrinsic motivation? What are the replacements for these habits? People who have attended Lee Jenkins’ LtoJ® seminars in the past will recognize much, but not all, of the material. They will learn enhancements to the LtoJ® process plus other material not directly related to LtoJ®.

The sequence for this part of the seminar is (1) bad habits, (2) better habits, (3) examples from teachers and students, (4) practice and (5) collaboration. Time is allowed for each participant to bring their personality to the process of moving closer and closer to perfect. Access to the free effect size calculator is provided. This is the tool used in 311 K-12 classrooms showing learning at 5.9 times average classroom learning.

Day 2 AM:

A continuation of Day 1 in the afternoon with more time for collaboration and extension of surface learning from the prior afternoon into deep and transfer learning. Educators are first grouped by like disciplines for deep learning and then with colleagues with different academic strengths for transfer learning.

Day 2 PM:

How can we polish perfect? Instructional processes that assist educators on their more perfect journey will be learned. These are unique, powerful, simple and applicable to all grade levels.

Summary: The first morning and second afternoon are completely new content. The middle portion is updated and exciting for returnees and educators new to Lee Jenkins’ seminars.