#1 Education Job for Parents

We all know that children are born with an insatiable desire to learn. Psychologists call this “intrinsic motivation.” It is inborn. Almost every child enters kindergarten with this intrinsic motivation still in place, but gradually it is lost in most of our students. Parents can do so very much to assist educators in maintaining this intrinsic motivation. The advice provided in How to Create a Perfect School is basically for parents to allow their children to solve the little bumps in life on their own, but when a school is destroying the love of learning, that is the time to step in and protect.

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Five chapters of How To Create A Perfect School are written with parents as the audience. They are:

  1. The First Day of Kindergarten
  2. Perfect for Parents
  3. Imperfect for Parents
  4. Keeping the Dream Alive
  5. Parents are Amazed at What They Learn from 10-Year Old Students

Watch a grade one video in the classroom of the teacher shown on the cover of the book.

Watch a grade seven History class.