Are You Pulling students along
or Pushing them to learn?

For over 20 years Lee Jenkins has taught educators the simple processes necessary to maintain the kindergarten level of enthusiasm for learning and meet accountability expectations at the same time. He communicates his strategies through keynotes, seminars, books, on-line courses, free support and his weekly updates.

He would like to pull you into a continuous improvement journey.

Next book available May 2015

Michael Fullan wrote the foreword for Lee’s next book entitled, Optimize Your Schools: It’s A Matter of Strategy.  It is due to be printed in May by Corwin Publishers.

NEW Let’s Fix Spelling – PDF Download

For $8, elementary schools can gain the knowledge to remove cramming/forgetting from their school.

Their graduates will enter middle school having never learned the cram/get-a-grade/forget process traditionally taught through weekly spelling tests. Coming very soon will be

Permission to Forget anniversary edition. Available April 2013

Permission to Forget
10th anniversary edition.
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After implementing LtoJ® across the USA for twenty years, these facts are evident:

  • We can restore intrinsic motivation and stop using incentives.
  • We can engage students more and cut back on teacher workload.
  • We can use data in ways that no longer harm students, but actually excite them.
  • We can balance our efforts between learning background knowledge and meeting performance expectations.
  • We can have students and teachers on the same team reaching for high standards.
  • We can know when changes actually result in improvements.
  • We can put the focus almost completely on student learning.

With LtoJ students, teachers and administrators truly understand what continuous improvement means and how it feels to have a record of doing better and better and better year after year after year.

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