"How to Create a Perfect School"
Better Outcomes.

Happier Kids.

How to Create a Perfect School is Amazon bestseller and #1 New Release!

Lee Jenkins' LtoJ® Revolutionary System That’s Transforming Classrooms, Engaging Students And Dramatically Improving Outcomes.

With LtoJ®, students truly learn, don’t forget and are celebrated for being their best. In a single school year, LtoJ® students can gain from a year to six years of additional learning and, in schools using the system, standardized test scores go up and district performance improves. The LtoJ® process is a key aspect of creating a perfect school where the kindergarten intrinsic motivation continues for 12 more years.


Jack Canfield, American author and corporate trainer, interviews Lee Jenkins about his upcoming book, "How to Create a Perfect School" and how to keep students intrinsically motivated to learn.


"This book is something every educator should read."

- Lori Klooz

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How it Works

Built on the principles of Continuous Improvement, Visible Learning and Growth Mindset and years of data about what works best in the classroom, LtoJ® flips the traditional education model on its head. . . and produces unprecedented results.

  • 1

    Learning Outcomes Defined

    Key learning concepts for students to learn for whole year are provided

  • 2

    Initial Quiz

    Initial quiz on everything teachers want students to know at the end of the year

  • 3

    Weekly Quizzes

    Non-graded weekly quizzes on content students have learned and haven’t yet been taught

  • 4

    Score Tracking

    Students track their own scores and those of their class

  • 5

    Celebrate Progress

    Celebrations of personal and classroom all-time bests

  • 6


    Results delivered with great joy. Evidence of increased intrinsic motivation visible to everyone.

Why it Works


Student suggestions for both increasing effort and joy are implemented

Weekly Quizzes

Weekly quizzes regularly remind students what they’ve learned throughout the year and give them a preview of what’s coming next. LtoJ® demolishes the “test and forget” cycle and replaces it with long-term memory.

Joy of Accomplishment

Students see and are celebrated for the progress they’re making – not for grades and class rankings.


Students – including those who struggle with learning – experience the joy of accomplishment when they achieve an all-time-best (ATB).

Visible Progress

Because students remember so much more, deep learning time is readily available

Benefits of LtoJ®

After 20 years of implementing LtoJ® across the country, we know we can:

Be More

Get the tools you need.

  • Improve our outcomes, standardized testing and district scores and deliver high success rates against high standards
  • Ensure all teachers and their students know the results of their work. with students, not teachers, measuring their performance. On average LtoJ® classrooms see six times the learning in a single year.

Be More

Work smart together.

  • Balance our efforts between surface learning and deep learning.
  • Put students and teachers on the same team, reaching for high standards
  • Cut back on teacher workload. LtoJ can reduce instruction time by 25-33 percent, time teachers can use to deliver deeper learning.
  • Keep student effort constant, even up to the last day of school

Engage All Students

Everyone learns more.

  • Builds student assessment capability
  • Increase attendance and improve classroom behavior by giving students evidence of their accomplishments and their contributions to the success of the class
  • Restore intrinsic motivation and stop using incentives.
  • Use data in ways that no longer harm and discourage students, but actually excite them

Services – Improve Your School


Support in establishing processes for the effectiveness of the system, efficiency improvements (typically 25-33 percent of instructional time saved), and student engagement, measured by the number of students who become assessment capable.


Learn to use LtoJ® to drive efficiency, effectiveness and engagement at any grade level, in any subject. Workshops include an overview of the system and why it works, how to implement it, practice sessions and tips on collaboration.

Keynote Presentation

Keynote presentations: A great alternative for districts too large for a single workshop. Allows all district staff to hear the concepts in a single session.

Translating Growth Mindset

Translating Growth Mindset and Visible Learning psychology and research into practical daily procedures

Support Materials

In our Member Resources section, you'll find the most important supplies needed for LtoJ® or How to Create a Perfect School at no cost. Premium Resources are available at a minimal cost.


Follow-up in-classroom or small group sessions while school is in session. Can include classroom demonstrations.

Online Courses

All of our courses are sponsored by AdvancED, which accredits more than 30,000 schools worldwide.

8 Weeks

Basic Data Analysis
For School Improvement

How to better understand and interpret
annual results data to gain insights
that can drive improvement

16 Weeks

Continuous Improvement in the Classroom

Learn how to use the LtoJ® system to improve classroom outcomes – remove the cram/get a grade/forget game played by too many students.

16 Weeks

Optimize Your School with Continuous Improvement

With Optimize Your School as a textbook, this course includes updated research and new resources for administrators and teachers.

Premium Resources

  • Math Standards Quizzes: Grades K-Algebra II (28 quizzes for full year)
  • Math Fluency Quizzes: Grades K-8 (28 quizzes for full year)
  • Let’s Fix Spelling, a PDF booklet